This is a mood film we edited for water quality awareness.

The social media agency “Buddybrand” commissioned a film to showcase their “Do great things” campaign for the “Microsoft Surface”.

The “Ador” group commissioned this short documentary / image film for their anniversary.

For the single release of Sami Simon’s “Bombs” we created this music video.

For the “Marco Kuschnier GmbH” we conceptualized and animated a short “Kapuziner” cinema ad.

This was a B2B Video we produced with animation studio Black & Code for Esome Advertising Technologies. The video should show people from the industry that the complex Esome engine can transform input from social media into custom-made packages.

For the Angry Hamster Films production “8 Remains“, Angry Hamster Studios created the title design and animation.

For the German/American feature film production “National Bird”, post produced by “The Post Republic” Berlin we designed and animated the credits sequence.