This is a mood film we edited for water quality awareness.

The social media agency “Buddybrand” commissioned a film to showcase their “Do great things” campaign for the “Microsoft Surface”.

The “Ador” group commissioned this short documentary / image film for their anniversary.

For the single release of Sami Simon’s “Bombs” we created this music video.

For the “Marco Kuschnier GmbH” we conceptualized and animated a short “Kapuziner” cinema ad.

This was a B2B Video we produced with animation studio Black & Code for Esome Advertising Technologies. The video should show people from the industry that the complex Esome engine can transform input from social media into custom-made packages.

Informational short film about the threat of ISIS.

For the Angry Hamster Films production “8 Remains“, Angry Hamster Studios created the title design and animation.

For the German/American feature film production “National Bird”, post produced by “The Post Republic” Berlin we designed and animated the credits sequence.

For Europe’s biggest conference on digital society and economy we created Motion Graphics for the event and promotional material for use in TVCs and social media.